South Carolina Conservatives Must Get It RIGHT In 2012!

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Thanks to all who provided support and encouragement to me as I campaigned to make the Republican Party THE VEHICLE for the Conservative Movement! I also wish to thank everyone who has been so gracious and encouraging following the convention, regardless of who they supported in the race for Chairman.

Now we move forward with the serious work of preparing for the 2012 election cycle. Chad Connelly will make a GREAT SC GOP Chairman, but he won’t become Dick Harpootlian’s worse nightmare by himself. We will need to support him and pull together as a team to make that happen.

I will put all my efforts over the next nine months into working to ensure that a Constitutional Conservative wins the SC Presidential Preference Primary. Our Nation can not afford for conservatives in South Carolina to split our votes and give our “stamp of approval” to a moderate. We must not let that happen again! We need to work together to nominate a “Game Changer” like Sen. DeMint. Someone who speaks the truth boldly and who is willing to stand up to the Republican Party leadership when necessary. I encourage conservative leaders all across our state to carefully scrutinize the field, hold back, and not commit early. If we can unify a large percentage of our conservative leadership behind one “Game Changer”, conservatives in South Carolina can have an impact on the 2012 presidential election far beyond our numbers.

I want to encourage discussion and debate amongst ourselves in the coming months as we seek out that “Game Changing” leader for the Republican Party and more importantly, for our Nation. I’m excited to take on the challenges that lie ahead. I look forward to working with you to make this hope a reality. Let me know what you think. Let’s keep talking, and working together, to make sure we in South Carolina “get it right” in 2012. If we do, the national Republican Party, and then the rest of the Nation, might just follow our lead.  I pray that we choose wisely, with divine inspiration!

- Stephen Brown

PS – If you’d like to follow my efforts to make the Republican Party THE vehicle for the conservative movement in the future, please be sure that your email is on my list by clicking below!  Also, please be sure you have “friended” me on Facebook to get my latest updates.  Thanks again for your support, and together we’ll help Chad Connelly carry the Conservative banner into the next elections and beyond!

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Stephen Wins Big In Charleston Convention Straw Poll of Delegates ! ! !

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We are excited to announce that on Friday night, April 15th, at the first true head-to-head competition among the major candidates for chairman of the South Carolina GOP, STEPHEN BROWN came away the big winner among the delegates to the Charleston County Republican Party Convention.

Because this is the first time that a straw poll has been taken at a convention where only delegates were allowed to vote, and after the delegates had heard live from all three candidates, the significance of this victory should not be underestimated.

The final vote tally was:

Chad Connelly          37
Bill Connor                32
Other                        4

This resounding victory shows that the party faithful across the state are responding to Stephen’s message.  Wherever the delegates have a chance to hear Stephen explain how Constitutional Conservatism must be the basis for unifying the party, and how we must spare no effort to ensure that only Republicans pick our Republican nominees in the future, they are responding enthusiastically and in ever-increasing numbers!

Here’s why:

*** The Chairman is the voice of the Republican Party to the press and to the people of South Carolina
.  With Stephen Brown’s education at Philips Exeter Academy, Johns Hopkins University, and the University of South Carolina Law School, and his real-world experience of running his own law practice, he is ready, willing, and able to carry the GOP banner against the liberal press and the Democrats.

***  The next chairman will be the key leader to determine how dedicated the Republican Party will be to push to have its candidates picked by Republicans, and not by Dick Harpootlian and other Democrats who cross over under our current open primary system.

***  Stephen Brown is not a consultant and makes no money in politics.  Stephen is prepared to undertake this volunteer position because he is what he says he is  — a true believer in the principles of Constitutional Conservatism, and he is willing to speak the plain truth to those in elected office — and in the party — who so very much need to hear it.

*** Stephen Brown is the only time-tested candidate for chairman.  He has been a loyal Republican activist for over thirty years.  He is the only candidate who has held an important role in running a Presidential Preference Primary, having served as Chairman of the Greenville County GOP during the 1996 presidential election cycle.

Stephen thanks the delegates to the Charleston County convention for their confidence in him, and promises to make their decision to support him a vote of which they will continue to be proud.

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Press Release: Former GOP Chairman Greg Shorey Endorses Stephen Brown For SCGOP Chair

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From the chatter on the blogs in this state concerning the race to fill the vacancy that will be created when Karen Floyd steps down next month as the Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party, one would get the impression that there are only two candidates seeking the post:  Bill Connor and Chad Connelly.  That is certainly understandable when one considers that nearly all of the postings concerning the race have centered on the allegations of mudslinging between the supporters of those candidates.  However, generally left out of those postings concerning this race is Greenville attorney and former Chairman of the Greenville County GOP, Stephen Brown.  To his credit, his name is not associated with any of the mudslinging between the other candidates, and by all accounts, Brown’s personal, professional, and political background is exemplary and scandal free.  This is a credit to his considerable experience, credentials, and competency.

Brown’s campaign, identifying himself as a Constitutional Conservative and seeking to make the Republican Party the vehicle for the conservative movement, draws enthusiastic responses from the Republican audiences that hear him speak.  These responses are no doubt due to the combination of his direct and hard-hitting, yet truthful message, combined with his obvious oratory skills and passion for the conservative movement.  Even more significantly, behind his rhetoric is a specific agenda and plan for solidifying control of the SCGOP in the hands of the conservatives in South Carolina:  Registration by Party!

Brown’s candidacy for SCGOP Chair may have been overlooked by some initially due to his relative lack of name identification, but his abilities, both as a candidate and as a prospective Chairman, should not be ignored.  The most obvious example of this may be from the only straw poll taken thus far in the campaign of an audience hearing all of the candidates for SCGOP Chair, conducted in Spartanburg on March 21st, where Brown garnered a full 50% of the vote, leaving the other candidates to split the remaining 50%.  Of course, since that date, Patrick Haddon has dropped out and Bill Connor has entered the race, so it is unclear how such a shake up in the field impacts the relative strengths of the current candidates.

For this writer, Brown’s campaign message regarding the urgent need to revise state election laws so that only Republicans have a voice in selecting the standard bearers for the Republican Party, rather than the current system of permitting any registered voter in South Carolina to vote in our Party’s primaries, is not only the most substantive issue in the campaign, but critically important to the future success of the Republican Party.  By success, I mean not only the election of public office holders with the Republican label after their name, but the election of Constitutional Conservatives committed to the platform and foundational principles of the Republican Party.  This definition of success, to which Brown is committed, is obviously required if the Republican Party is to be successful in governing as the majority party in South Carolina.

While the other candidates may pay lip service to registration by party, none has Brown’s commitment to the issue, nor Brown’s understanding of the significance such a change in the law would make.  Furthermore, Brown is one of the key leaders in the state with the legal understanding of the fine points necessary to effectively implement such a change in state law.  His leadership abilities have been successfully tested as Chairman of South Carolina’s largest county party organization.

Overlooking Brown’s candidacy in the early weeks of this race can perhaps be explained.  However, at this time, ignoring the critical substantive issues Brown’s candidacy highlights for the future of the South Carolina GOP must not continue.  Perhaps Brown’s message has not yet garnered much support beyond the conservative electorate in the Upstate, where Brown has his political base — the next few weeks will be telling in that regard.  Nevertheless, I don’t see how any truly objective analysis of the SC GOP Chairman’s race can be conducted without carefully considering Brown’s impact on the contest.

If competency and passionate dedication to the principles of the conservative movement matter any longer to the SCGOP, it seems to me that Stephen Brown is certainly not only our logical choice, but the wisest one to lead our Party with so many critical issues facing our State and Nation.

— Greg Shorey

Former Greenville Party Chairman, State Party Chairman, and only Hon. State Party Vice-Chairman for Life

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Stephen Addresses Greenville GOP Convention

April 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Stephen summarizes the reasons he is running for state GOP campaign at the 2011 Greenville County GOP Convention.  We apologize for the poor video, but the message is important, and it’s worth watching this brief video.  If you agree with Stephen’s message, please help us. Circulate the video to your friends.  Contact the campaign by clicking here.  Thanks for your support!

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Campaign Update: April 8, 2011

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The campaign continues strong into the county conventions this weekend — I will be at conventions in Union tonight, Greenville, Spartanburg, and Laurens on Saturday, and a candidates’ forum in Florence on Monday.

Now, more than ever, I am gratified at the response I am receiving to our campaign goal of unifying the Republican party around the banner of Constitutional Conservatism.  I look forward to seeing my friends in the race for party chairman at the upcoming events, and I hope you will take the time to come out to hear us talk about our plans for the future.  If you are not able to make these meetings and have not had a chance to hear me speak about why I am running, please be sure to check out my videos at and recommend them to your friends!  Thanks for your support!

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Debut of New Campaign Flyer!

March 30, 2011 Comments off

This week the Stephen Brown for Chair campaign will debut its first flyer of the campaign.

Click on the image below or here to download in PDF!

Campaign Brochure

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Stephen Brown for Chairman of the SC Republican Party!

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There are several good candidates running to be the next chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party.

All of them appear to be strong conservative leaders.  But how do you know that — after the campaign speeches are over — the one who is elected will carry out his promises?

We have all seen that many political candidates — in both parties — can talk a good talk, but fail to walk the same walk once they are elected.  How do you know who you can trust?

Past performance is no guarantee of future success, but as we have all learned the hard way with our current President, electing a candidate with virtually no track record can be a dangerous gamble.

Before you commit to support any candidate for chairman of the SCGOP, study their backgrounds and qualifications!

No matter how good a candidate looks or talks, ask yourself:  Has the candidate been out front, working hard, for many years supporting the same principles? Does the candidate have the education, the career background, and the proven track record of tackling hard issues that is necessary to lead the Republican Party in the battle for the future of the state and the country?

We believe that Stephen Brown has what it takes to make you proud of him as the next SCGOP chairman, but only you can be the final judge.  Check out the following videos of Stephen talking about why he is running, what it means to be a conservative, and what is at stake in the upcoming elections.  Then check out his public statements in the past and you’ll find proof of over fifteen years of activist front-line experience.  When you do, we think you’ll agree that Stephen Brown is the best choice to be the next chairman of the SCGOP:

Who Is Stephen Brown?

Why Are You Running For SCGOP Chairman?

What is Your Definition of A Conservative?

Why Are You Jumping Into This Race?

Stephen Brown Asks For Your Support!

Stephen Brown’s Record:

Brown for Delegate to the 1996 Republican National Convention

Brown for US Senate 1998

Brown for US Senate Bumper Sticker 1998

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